Movies Vs. Books
What is it about an incredible book that makes it so incredible? Could it be that you can read it over and over again but still be overtaken by the wonder of how it is going to end? Or maybe it is the breathtaking themes like impossible fantasies, and heartwarming romances? No, what makes an incredible book incredible, is reading that incredible book before watching the incredibly horrible copy-cat movie. A movie will never be as well done as the original story, the book.
First of all, why would someone take a beautiful story, that is completely worthy of every second it takes to read, and turn it into a “major motion picture”? Every book that has been turned into a movie was better off without the 4 billion dollars earned from the movie results. Can these book robbers not think of any other story lines on their own? If not, maybe they should find another profession. Guaranteed, if you read a book, then go see the movie, you will be utterly disappointed by the movie, because it is a known fact that the movie will never be better than the original.
It is very distasteful to know that an author can work for years on writing a fulfilled story; day and night that author can slave away to create a work of art, and finally when that feeling of hard work and completion is theirs, it can all be taken away within a matter of ninety minutes. Why give a great book a bad name by making a horrible movie out of it? At least change the title, so that people will not connect the two in any way.
Yes, some movie makers have done a very good job of not letting the original story go to waste, but those movies are never short enough to be crowd pleasers, except to those few people that have actually read the book. A great story that took months, maybe years to create, can never be summed up in the same length of a normal movie. Many details will have to be left out, and once again the movie will not be nearly as well done as the book itself.
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