Chelsea Aylett
Mrs. Clark
Period 7
October 23, 2009

Narrative Essay
Dear Diary,
Today was quite the interesting day. No, I take that back. Today was an absolute nightmare. First thing in the morning I arose to the blissful sound of chirping blue birds in the tree outside my window, immediately after I glanced at my clock to find that I was an hour late for school. I rushed downstairs only to find that I was home alone. Also, a quick glance out the window revealed that my car had been blown up. So, clearly I was completely late for school and lacking transportation. My first thought was, “well, missing just one day never killed anyone,” but suddenly I remembered that I had a math final. Then all at once, that terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach grew more and more painful. I knew that I had no choice but to walk to school. Please, keep in mind that my school is a fifteen minute drive while going forty-five, which is five over the speed limit.
When I finally arrived at the school, I hiked up the tall stairs to get my school supplies, which were waiting for me in my locker. I exhaustedly brought my hand up to the lock, and unexpectedly drew a blank. I somehow managed to leave my memory behind. While standing in the abandoned hall looking like a senior citizen without a clue as to where they were, I could hear snickering coming from behind me. As I turned around to find out who thought this was a laughing matter, I realized that I had forgotten to change out of my pajamas. The snickering was a large group of attractive guys. I was glad that my unfortunate day could bring someone happiness. As I looked away with pink cheeks, millions of mice come running around the hall corner right towards me. Naturally, I turned to run the opposite direction, but slipped on a puddle of barbecue sauce. As I lied in the sauce, the mice ran right over me. At this point, I really couldn’t care less what happened to me. I went to stand up right as the bell rang, dismissing class. To make a long story short, my worst nightmare came true today.