Descriptive Essay
Chelsea Aylett
Mrs. Clark
Period 7
October 23, 2008

Descriptive Essay

My dream house would be at the end of quiet lane engulfed with tall oak trees, leading straight to my house. The house would be an off white color with sporadic vines covering the entire house. There would be a number of windows in the house, and the windows would be evenly placed for balance. There would be a single front door. The door would be large and painted black. The house would have a good sized entry way, paved with large square tiles. Descending into the entry would be the great curved staircase. The staircase would be carpeted down the middle, but tiled on the ends with an elegant medal railing. At the opposite end of the entry would be French doors leading to the spacious back yard.
My dream house would consist of several comfortable bedrooms with walk in closets. The bedrooms would be carpeted with a beige color. Each bedroom would be painted an almond color. I would also love to have several classy bathrooms with porcelin bathtubs. The bathrooms would be have plenty of natural light coming through sky roofs . They would have light tile and light countertops. Each bathroom would have a light scent of lemon in the air.
The master bedroom will be very large with double doors opening into the room. This will be the only bedroom with hard wood floors. The bedroom will have a large four post bed that sits high off the floor. The room will be a neutral accented room, which means it will consist of neutral colors and one accent color, which will be red. The neutral colors will be black and off white. There will also be french doors opening out to a large balcony that overlooks the beautiful backyard. There would be a cozy fireplace as well. Even though the master bedroom must be fantastic, the most important room in the house is always the kitchen. My kitchen would have to be very spaciouse. The wood cabinets would be glazed with a dark stain. The granite countertops will look like oreo ice cream. The insland would be long enough for cooking and to fit many bar stools. The kitchen table would be great enough to seat several guests.
My dream house would be very classy and elegant, but at the same time, any home of mine must be cozy and “homey”.