5 Original Poems


In the lonely night
The moon hangs over the earth
Glossing the black streets


To Kate,
For teaching me to
The good in
For opening my
So I could enjoy the
During the rainstorms

Rhythm Poem:


Walking slow
In the snow
Beautiful lights
Families smile
Presents in a pile
Bells ring
Children sing
Snowflakes fall
Our snowman so tall
Jingle Bells
Holiday Tales
Lights so bright
Hold on tight
So we may
Remember this day
And this time
Of a Christmas divine

Rhyme Scheme:

Monsters and Dragons

I know tales of monsters and dragons really aren’t true,
But are witches and goblins just make believe too?
I think there’s a witch in my closet and a goblin under my bed,
But that’s not true…at least that’s what Mom said.
Every time I try to fall asleep in Mom’s bed,
She lays me in mine and kisses my forehead.
I try to ignore the sounds that I hear,
But the witch and goblin are my one and only fear.

Flash Fiction:

On To A New Life

She had never felt so much happiness in her entire life. Just for this instant, nothing in the world mattered. As the church doors slowly opened, they looked at the world as one. Surrounded by floating bubbles, they walked through all their loved ones with undying smiles. Time moved in slow motion. She glowed like an unwavering candle.
They were headed toward a black car decorated just for them. Their future was waiting for them. She couldn’t help but look back at all the smiling faces. Tears fell from her mother’s eyes. She was gone with the blow of a kiss, her elegant vale blowing in the wind, and her hand gracefully waving in the air of the past.